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Our BPO Services Are at the Forefront of Innovation

The ways of managing resources and processes in the field of business and industry are evolving, adapting to the rhythm imposed by the world in its daily becoming. For a long time, there has been the practice of outsourcing certain services or processes, commissioning their fulfillment to external elements; this is what is known as “Outsourcing.”

It is a practice that has many advantages and benefits, for example:

  • Reduction of operating costs: When hiring third-party professionals, it is generally not necessary to invest in tools, materials, and processes of the service itself, since these will be from the contracted company. They will also have qualified and already trained staff for it.
  • Increased productivity: Well, it is not necessary to divert resources and efforts to this service, allowing the contractor to dedicate himself to other areas of work with the necessary attention, having an impact on an increase in the productivity of his business.
  • Higher quality with lower risk: By having professionals in the area, quality work is guaranteed, and the hired company brings its experience and, in many cases, advice to enter little-known areas (such as foreign markets or new technologies), learn from them and take advantage of opportunities.

With the advancement of information and communication technologies, we have been living for some time in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world. This has led many companies to outsource third-party services in activities that have a direct impact on their business processes, such as administrative management, technical service or purchase and sale processes. This Business Process Outsourcing or BPO can be done both for internal processes (accounting, payment processes, legal issues, cash flow, IT services, human resources) and external (customer-related services, customer service, marketing, advertising, technical service, analysis and financial planning). This type of outsourcing (BPO) also implies a greater involvement of the contracted company, which needs to comprehensively evaluate the processes and organization of the contracting client in order to develop the appropriate work model and the most productive strategic actions for each particular case. Therefore, it is important to choose a professional, qualified, and responsible supplier.

VA Group Global is the first company in Latin America with more than 10 years of experience connecting international investment platforms with real clients, offering BPO services for Forex brokers who are not installed in Latin America or who want to develop and expand their presence in the region. Thanks to these services, platforms interested in exploring new markets in the region do not need to physically settle here, avoiding having to deal with longer times, payment of taxes, micromanagement with staff and other series of details that would result in high costs and time in operations.

In addition to that, we have extensive international experience in this area, which, although it shares a common language, has cultural and regulatory particularities that vary between countries, creating additional difficulties for those who wish to explore this emerging market and the opportunities it offers. With our services we facilitate the business of our partner brokers in Latin America, backed by our experience in financial services and the particularities of this region, thus collaborating with the decisions of investors to find the products and financial instruments that offer an attractive return minimizing the risk to an acceptable level.

We have three pillars for this search for new clients and opportunities:

  • Financial Education: We have courses, seminars and personalized mentors focused on the introduction to the financial markets and trading, which are carried out by our wide network of specialists in the field, who offer both free and paid instances. These courses are offered at Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels, with the idea that our clients can learn from the position they are in the best way to manage their assets in order to achieve the expected financial independence.
  • Marketing: We analyze and design the most appropriate management for the investor to adapt its financial and commercial activities to the uncertainty of the financial market, especially in Latin America. In order to obtain the maximum benefit, a significant participation in the market of interest and develop innovative products and services if necessary, applying marketing strategies to understand and take advantage of investment opportunities.
  • Sales: Through our services our clients have advice for the sale of their products and financial services in the Latin American market.

Likewise, we have professionals capable of providing financial advice that allows our clients to fully understand which financial products and services can be invested in, short, medium, and long-term projections, as well as the risks involved in each of the assets. Thus, allowing each client to create his investment portfolio or, if he prefers, he can be introduced to a Portfolio Manager so he can manage his investments on the terms previously agreed with the client.

We also offer access to pre-arranged investment portfolios, which is a good way to introduce international brokers.

Business dynamics are always evolving, and it is necessary to adapt to all the new developments that arise, hiring us as “Business Process Outsourcing” or “BPO” is an interesting opportunity for all those who want to invest in Latin America, explore these markets and obtain sufficient benefits. Connecting brokers and platforms, facilitating operations, minimizing risk to acceptable levels and continuous financial education are keys to success, and that’s what we can offer you. Our outsourcing services are at the forefront of innovation, backed by extensive experience.

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