More than 15 years as an integrating bridge between investors of the world

Encouraged by the generation of new business ventures we are committed to the financial, technological, and business development of the region.

We guide people through the financial and organizational world, to promote a safe, useful, and beneficial environment for all.

We prioritize the objectives of our clients

We provide support, advice, management, promotion, and any other related services through our business lines.

This is how we generate results:

  • Focusing on compliance with standards of satisfaction of the client.
  • Adopting a profile of transparency in our management processes.
  • Adapting our offers of service to the market.
  • Promoting the connection between the Latin American market and the rest of the world.
  • Fostering mutual growth through negotiations win-win.

Clients who trust us

We are part of the solution by promoting a more competitive market through responsible business.

Federico Jelen

Founding Partner

Sebastián Rivas

Founding Partner

Diego Frontan

Head of Sales va group &
CEO LFXS Managing Director