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Successful Latin Startups in 2022. You Could Be one of Them This Year

The world economy, in this culminating year, has been affected by various factors, including the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current conflict in Ukraine, and everything around it. Despite this, some companies have known how to see opportunities and continue to grow non-stop. Such is the case of the most successful Latin startups in 2022. Let’s learn about them.

Startups: a sector to invest in

Although we have been hearing about them for some time now, the phenomenon of startups does not cease to surprise locals and strangers. These are emerging companies, usually linked to new technologies, that offer innovative products or services, with an emphasis on customer needs.

In addition, they usually have a simplified organizational structure, which allows them to operate with minimal costs and still obtain good profits; thanks, among other things, to the fact that they keep in continuous communication with their customers, even anticipating their clients’ or the market’s requirements and needs.

Names like Spotify or Uber, despite being oriented to different sectors, have several characteristics in common: they are known by everyone because they have innovative and very successful ideas,  but they started as startups.

However, many of these have left their modest beginnings behind and have experienced enormous growth, becoming large companies, with substantial capital. For example, a startup like Canva is valued at 40,000 million USD. 

Successful Latin Startups in 2022

Our region does not escape this influence. That is to say, there are also successful Latin startups, which continue to grow, even though some of our countries are not exactly going through their best moment, economically or politically speaking. 

Among the leaders in the region, Mexico and Brazil are the markets with the highest investment in this field, with operations in the first half of the year reaching USD 3.1 billion and USD 1.69 billion, respectively. 

But let’s see, in a particular way, which are the most successful Latin startups of 2022, according to a list made up by Bloomberg Línea. Here are the top eight stars, who received capital contributions equal to or greater than 100 million USD.


Founded in 2019, Habi is a Colombian company dedicated to the sale and purchase of real estate, implementing the use of new technologies, which allows it to offer an added value to its customers. 

It has received an investment of 200 million USD, from various entities, from abroad and from the country: Tiger Global Management, Endeavor Catalyst, Banorte, and SoftBank Latin America Fund, among others. This has allowed it to become the first Spanish-speaking proptech in Latin America. 


Mosyle is a Brazilian software firm, which provides integrated solutions for Apple applications, on a single platform, in order to allow institutional users to manage and protect their devices.

After the successful launch of its first product for the education sector, it is expanding rapidly in companies. Thanks to this, it received a contribution of 196 million USD in the first half of 2022.


A fully online supermarket, without physical stores and with direct deliveries to the consumer’s home or business, is the model proposed by the Mexican company Jüsto, founded in 2019.

Has closed operations for more than 250 million USD, which is why it is expected to be the next unicorn of Mexico. It is estimated that its growth will have reached 300% by the end of 2022. 


It is another Mexican company, although with a contribution of Uruguayan intellectual capital. Its branch is logistics and software, combined with financial tools. Nowports has become the largest digital freight forwarder in Latin America to facilitate international trade. 

Therefore, different investors decided to place some chips in the box: a total of 152 million USD. Therefore, its current value rises to 1,100 million which makes it a business unicorn. 


And the Chileans could not be missing from the list of successful Latin startups in 2022. Such is the case of the payments and financial services platform Xepelin, oriented to Latin American SMEs. This company has received an injection of 111 million USD.


This Brazilian fintech, whose value amounts to 1500 million dollars,  is a unique Banking and Payments platform, which wants to help its Latin American client companies to expand to other markets in the region. In the first half of 2022, it received a boost from various investors, in the order of 110 million USD.


The successful Latin startups in 2022 come from several countries in the region. We have the case of Kushki, a payment technology company that became, in the middle of this year, the first unicorn in Ecuador, after receiving an extension to its Serie B. 


Although there were other successful Latin startups in 2022, we close the list of those that received contributions equal to or greater than 100 million USD with the Brazilian security and biometrics company Unico, which now raises its value to 2.6 billion USD. Not bad. 

The connection between investors and startups

They say that in times of crisis some people cry and others sell handkerchiefs. If you are one of those who sell handkerchiefs and are looking to make good operations with your money, we tell you that around startups there are many opportunities to invest, grow and earn, in several ways.

For example, VA Group has an interesting line of business, which allows connecting investors and startups with great growth potential. This means that you can establish contact with investors potentially interested in financing your startup or who want to be part of your business.This would help you to consolidate win-win relationships, generating strategic links to strengthen your company and project it, regionally or globally. You could be one of the most successful Latin startups in 2023. By clicking on the previous link, you can find out a little more about our plans.

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