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va tech leads in technology with a focus on software, apps and games, standing out for creativity and innovation. We offer services ranging from enterprise gamification to software and application development, adapting to the market needs.

Gamification processes

We seek to optimize staff motivation, productivity, collaboration and retention through elements such as rewards and challenges. Customization is key to adapt to individual needs.

Gamification in companies brings benefits such as increased motivation and productivity, improved knowledge retention and job satisfaction. Practical examples include reward programs and simulations.

In software and app development

We specialize in the design, development and maintenance of diverse platforms, from mobile applications to enterprise systems. User experience is a priority, ensuring attractive and easy-to-use products. Our team is proficient in key languages such as Java, Python and C++, ensuring quality.

At va tech, we specialize in software, apps and interactive games, adapting to the current era. Discover our approach:

  • Software Development
  • Game Development – Gaming
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Programming and Code Development
  • Graphics and Art Design

In each service, va tech combines technology and innovation to drive exceptional digital experiences.

va group has a direct collaboration agreement to develop its va tech division alongside EOW Video Games, a strategic partner enriching our existing expertise in Banking, Financial Institutions, and Brokers by incorporating gamification into processes for major international institutions.

Our multidisciplinary team, including founders, collaborators, and freelancers, covers crucial areas such as Sales, HR, Outsourcing, Legal, Accounting, and more. This allows us to tailor Gamification of services to each company in a 100% tailor-made scenario.


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