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Your investment in the USA

Invest in the capital market with the speed and transparency that each transaction deserves. Access investment platforms in a simple and secure way, and receive the necessary support from professionals in the financial area. Ideal for investors with surplus capital in search of new challenges.

Our mission is to provide financial investment advisory and wealth protection services to clients in Latin America, meeting the highest ethical and quality standards. 

We provide financial solutions to our clients and within them stand out: 

Investment advice We design the customized investment portfolio for each client contemplating their expected return, time horizon and risk tolerance. That’s why we have agreements with the world’s leading asset management companies.

Opening of investment accounts in banks in the USA We provide our clients (both individuals and legal entities) with the possibility of keeping their capital in first-line banks in the USA, providing security and confidentiality. 

Opening of transactional accounts For customers who need to use their account for commercial purposes, we provide them with different options of banks in the world so that they can make periodic transactions from their account. 

Asset Protection We offer our clients corporate structuring, using the figure that best suits their situation and needs. Some of the structures are trusts and PPLI.

VA Invest


Get the best benefit with the most quoted and most liquid assets on the market.

Trade simply, quickly and securely; online and from any device. Take control of your account and access to:
  • Forex
  • Indexes
  • Raw materials
  • Assets
  • Energy
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Investment bonds
  • Metals
  • ETFs
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Savings Plans

Set your financial goals and achieve them with tailored plans.

Take advantage of the benefits associated with savings plans, your annual return for this type of investment is not subject to the instability of the financial markets; the accumulated income tax is zero if you keep the savings for a minimum of 5 years. In addition, it allows flexibility in contributions, and you can save money in the form of cash or other assets, such as stocks or bonds.

Investment Funds

Be part of our portfolio of financial products and make the most of your capital.

Let specialized professionals manage your money efficiently under the supervision and control of the Comisión Nacional de Mercado de Valores (the National Securities Market Commission) (CNMV). Get access to the evolution of your investment on a regular basis and the composition of the portfolio. Be in control of your money at all times.

Fixed Income

Invest in low volatility and risk instruments; and receive fixed interest on your capital.

Security is a fundamental aspect in this type of investment. Fixed income tells you from the first day what your profit will be on the invested capital, in a pre-established period of time. This investment is represented in securities such as government bonds, bonds of large corporations, certificates of deposit and money market funds.


Grow your surplus capital with investments in stocks or other financial assets.

Invest in a structured and broad way. Receive information from professionals that allows you to make better decisions when making an investment, whether in stocks, shares in investment funds or bonds.

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