What Makes a Business Team Attractive to Venture Capital Investors?

Venture capital is a way to finance entrepreneurs, supporting emerging projects, of small or medium size. Usually, it is about startups who are in their first phase, but they show great potential. These are companies that, of course, are not listed on the stock exchange and find it difficult to obtain funds by other means. […]

Real Assets as a Reliable Option to Protect Capital From Inflation

At a time when the economy is going through moments of uncertainty, with symptoms such as sustained high prices, the need arises to protect ourselves; although that does not mean that we have to stop investing. In this order of ideas, real assets are considered a reliable option to protect capital from inflation. Next, we […]

AI in the Financial Industry

As it happens in so many other fields, AI is also gaining a lot of ground in the financial industry, where new applications and developments are found every day, for the benefit of both the activity of the institutions and the security of the customers. In this sense, artificial intelligence can help companies in the […]

What are Young People Investing in Today?

Many members of the new generations, to call them somehow, are quite involved in the trading world, more than one might think. This is thanks to the fact that they are digital natives, who manage multiple platforms and apps to make investments. Here we will find out what their preferred markets are and what young […]

Who Invests More: Men or Women?

For a long time, this question about who invests more, whether men or women, could be answered a priori thoroughly. Undoubtedly it was the men. It is until the beginning of the twentieth century that most women were kept out of financial decision-making, as well as from high-income jobs, with very few exceptions. This is […]

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