What Makes a Business Team Attractive to Venture Capital Investors?

Venture capital is a way to finance entrepreneurs, supporting emerging projects, of small or medium size. Usually, it is about startups who are in their first phase, but they show great potential. These are companies that, of course, are not listed on the stock exchange and find it difficult to obtain funds by other means. […]

What are Young People Investing in Today?

Many members of the new generations, to call them somehow, are quite involved in the trading world, more than one might think. This is thanks to the fact that they are digital natives, who manage multiple platforms and apps to make investments. Here we will find out what their preferred markets are and what young […]

Difference between mergers and acquisitions of companies

In the business world, we often hear about mergers and acquisitions of companies. These are processes by virtue of which large groups and corporations are created or grown, seeking not only to gain dimension but also competitiveness, to conquer larger segments of the market. But for what purposes are they made? What are its effects […]

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